6 Tips From Our Staff To Help You Maintain Your 2019 Goals


Our dedicated staff and our loyal clientele are constantly trying to maintain a healthy, Balanced life!  I think “Balance” is a a topic that is on a lot of our minds…because being balanced is associated with success and well being.   A well balanced person has the ability to focus on their goals and move forward in a productive meaningful way.

How do you BALANCE , especially in the midst of crazy schedules?  Here are a few tips from some of your trusted Balance trainers/instructors:

1. Make small changes.  Don’t try to change everything at once!  Make small adjustments and over time you will reach your goal.

2. Turn it off!  This is almost impossible for me, but when I do it … it’s so relaxing!  I admit I am an Apple addict and am constantly on my phone.  Therefore, I try to turn my phone off a few hours before I go to bed each night!  So, turn it off and spend more time interacting with family and friends!

3. Say NO. Be mean. Are you a people pleaser? You will never ever find balance if you are overflowing with tasks to complete.  If it doesn’t add value to you (or your family’s) life and is not essential…say NO!  If you want to be the best version of yourself…you need to take care of yourself, everyone will benefit!

4. Always focus on your health.  It should be a priority and we all know how to eat healthy and workout, but why don’t we take care of ourselves?  Your health affects your quality of life.  Need we say anymore?

5. Me time.  This may be one of the hardest to achieve.  Most of us are overworked and exhausted by the time we get home to family!  That is why this is so important in achieving balance.  If you can’t fit in a vacay, settle for making time each day to do anything -read, write, sketch ….anything as long as it is by yourself!

6. Have some fun. Joke around. Nothing makes you feel better than good old belly laugh. Join a social group or a sports club and just let loose!  Take a class, learn something new, or find something that interests you and commit to having fun with it!

Remember take small steps and eventually you will have a whole new set of “Balanced” life habits.

Elizabeth HarrisComment