Adventure Curious


You may have seen some of our photos of Switzerland circulating around social media, and if so, you could probably tell that we all enjoyed and experienced a trip of a lifetime.  The weather, team, food, people, sights, workouts, hotels, towns and laughs were all spectacular!  The challenge, a beastly hike alongside Eiger Trail up an enormous mountain above the town of Grindelwald, was just as we would expect it to be since Amy created the itinerary – just beyond (or far beyond) our comfort zone.  I can tell you that the last stretch of the hike was a slog through the snow and most of us felt it lasted an eternity.  As we overlooked the Eiger Glacier from the top of the mountain, we were all smiles and somehow every part of the hike (including the slog through the snow) was a beautiful memory.

Finishing a challenge after training for 8-12 weeks together as a group is enormously rewarding but these trips are about so much more.  We spend hours over meals talking about our lives.  We meditate spontaneously when we discover a secret garden along the Lake of Constance.  We explore and learn about new cultures.  We experience private concerts from world-class pianists and meet new and fascinating people.  We integrate workouts throughout each day and eat fresh and local food.  These trips are wellness retreats and they are adventures, which provide an opportunity for you to take time away with the most incredible village of women (and sometimes men) and learn and experience a new place while challenging yourself on a physical and spiritual level.

Our next trip will be to the beautiful Acadia National Park in Northeast Harbor, Maine in October.  The challenge will be to endure four different hikes in four days in Acadia and also accept the challenge of daily Laquita strength training. There will be yoga and acupuncture each day with Alex and we will make time for meditation and journaling.  We will explore this beautiful area of Maine and cook “goals” approved meals together by a crackling fire!  If you are Adventure Curious, this is the trip for you. It might be time to let yourself move beyond your comfort zone!

Kaitlyn Renzi