Are You A Healthy Role Model To Your Children?


No short cuts to any place worth going.

Leading a healthy lifestyle by example may be the hardest thing to do as a parent.  Especially when there are so many gimmicky short cuts … restrictive diets, limiting meal plans, trendy workouts, etc…

What is the number one healthy issue facing our children today?  Obesity? Lack of physical activity?  Lack of sleep? Yes, these are health issues facing our children, but the number one health issue today is… STRESS! We feel it. Children feel it. Childhood today is a much more stressful time than it has been in the past. Combined with lack of physical activity and poor nutrition, what can we expect with the next generation running on little sleep, poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, media over saturation……..

The need to find Balance in life begins early and from great example.

Good Health comes from HARD WORK & WHOLESOME food. PERIOD.

Yes,  genetics play a role. As a parent, the best gift you can give your child is to lead by example and value good health!

Good health is about finding time most days of the week to exercise whether you want to or not.

Good health is about menu planning for you and your family, grocery shopping and preparing nutritionally-balanced meals when for many of us cooking–especially me–is a tedious chore.

Good health is about recognizing the stressors in our lives and taking some action–to lessen the stress.

Good health is about trying to get enough sleep, not smoking & drinking in moderation. It is about modeling these healthy behaviors to our kids so maybe they will make healthy choices, too.

Good health is about making time to spend with our kids (without our electronics), our family and our friends, because these relationships contribute to our well-being more than we realize, and yet are often pushed aside in our exhausting schedules.

Good health is about finding BALANCE in our lives. It is about doing most things right most of the time, and not punishing ourselves when we get things wrong. Our goal is to be healthy, not perfect.

So if someone offers to sell you a miracle, don’t buy it. No one should profit from your hard work and good health but you and your family. As G Viv would say, BOOM WHAT.

Elizabeth HarrisComment