Image Credit: Juliette, The Coastal Coach

Image Credit: Juliette, The Coastal Coach

We all know what this looks like – the little curveball life sends just when you least expect it, or in my case, deny that the curveball is inevitable.  I think my hitched walk tells the tale that I have been in need of a left hip replacement for some time, but because there is never a good time, I have become an expert in delaying surgery until “life is calm.”  Realistically, I will never find a calm moment for surgery, so my Doctor found it for me.

 I have been here before; three and a half years ago I had a right hip replacement.  It was life changing.  I went into the surgery in great physical condition, thanks to Amy and Balance, and recovered quickly and well.  A year after my surgery, I was conquering the hills of Zion National Park with the B Adventurous tribe, and feeling like I had a new (and pain-free) lease on life.  Although this is a happy memory, the road to get back on track after major surgery is not easy one – even when it goes well.  

When I had my first hip replacement I committed to recovery like I would a full time job.  I iced several times a day while wearing compression sleeves.  I elevated my legs throughout the day.  I continued to work on upper body strength and I walked, walked, walked and walked for weeks.  I did this alone, because at the time I was accustomed to training on my own.  But this time it is different – I have a team.

I have discovered about myself that having a goal in mind helps me remain on the positive track of recovery.  I also know that having a team makes life better in every way.  So, this time around I have a goal of recovering well and strong for the 10-hour hike challenge in Switzerland over Memorial Day weekend.  I have five weeks post-surgery to get ready. This would seem daunting if not for the most amazing team around me.  

So on Monday I will begin my journey.  I will most definitely encounter a few curve balls during recovery, but I have a goal in mind and a team to support me, so the curveballs become the source of humor and life’s way of building resiliency. I’m ready for it all.

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