1. What does your space offer for women that a coed or men's only space doesn't offer?

Our space is a creative flurry of energy and incredible inspiration.  For many women, the B Inspired co-work space is the only place where our members can put themselves first.  Too often the women in our community place their health and wellness on the back burner while they work, raise children and care for others in their family or community.  The B Inspired co-work space allows for creative workspace where women can meditate, workout, share ideas and be enormously productive.

2. Can you give me some solid examples of what your space has done/is doing for women -- or would like to do -- and how you (plan to) accomplish that?

I sometimes think of our space as a lab of infinite possibilities.  There are so many ideas exchanged and opportunities for our members to intellectually grow and evolve and so many important partnerships formed. 

3. Do you have any specific "success" stories you'd like to share? E.g., women who have formed relationships through the club and then achieved some success, however they define that? 

We are a for-purpose business and we give any and all profits to local charities.  Through this work we have engaged our members in such meaningful ways.  We created a Broad Street Run LLS team to raise money in honor of two members’ husband and father.  We contributed to the Living Beyond Breast Cancer non-profit for the many breast cancer survivors we have in our membership.  There are many other examples but this for-purpose work creates a team-like approach and helps foster a closeness that is exceptionally special.

4. Do you have an official position regarding the inclusion of transgender, nonbinary, and/or gender fluid individuals?

We are fully inclusive and we don’t even think about “labels”…if you have a giving and caring heart and want to prioritize your health and wellness in this amazing community…you are in.

5. Could you share information regarding the composition of your membership based on race/ethnicity?

We are an incredible group of mutts ages 30-80. 

6. Does your organization make any special efforts to encourage diversity, particularly racial and ethnic but also otherwise, in membership?

Since we are a smallish group of women, we host Wellness Festivals to allow for a broader audience and so we can share time with men and a broader and more diverse audience.

7. Have you encountered any obstacles in forming your space -- legal or otherwise -- or even pushback in any way? 

It took the community a few months to understand B Inspired, but now that the community has embraced us, and our mission to give back to local non-profits, we feel we can accomplish so much more!

8. Do you see any downsides to the concept of women-only spaces?

Some of our spouses would love a similar space for themselves or to join some of our retreats and that is the only downside.  Truly the upsides are too many to mention!

Elizabeth HarrisComment