Feeding The Soul
Photo Credit to Rachael Lee

Photo Credit to Rachael Lee

             Last night was the first Tuesday of the month, which means for all B Inspired members, it was the monthly hour-long wisdom workshop with Jennifer Schelter in the B Inspired space.  The crowd varies in size and age but it is always a warm, open and loving atmosphere.  The workshops with Jennifer began in January with a New Year intention setting and have evolved into many things, such as “addressing your worries” or “de-cluttering.” Regardless of the theme, the monthly hour-long session is always thought-provoking, insightful and inspirational.  

             The agenda for April was self-appreciation and clearing cob-webs. I shared with Jennifer, prior to the workshop, that I returned from Spring Break with the family feeling tired and disorganized instead of refreshed and focused (which is what I had hoped I would feel). Although I entertained the thought of staying home and catching up on work, I knew that if I made time for myself to create space for reflection and ideas, I would be better off in the long-run. Within the first few minutes of Jennifer’s introductions on Tuesday night, I knew I was right to make the time and almost instantly I felt the focus and sense of purpose I had been lacking since my return to Philadelphia.

            At the end of the workshop, Jennifer asked us to make our own personal list of what tickles or feeds the soul.  As we shared our lists with the group, it became apparent that almost everyone had listed getting outside or in the woods.  I know my happy place, and where B Inspired all started for Amy and me, is on the trails in the Wissahickon.  Spring is finally (almost?) here and it is time to get outside for a hike or run.  We meet as a group on Wednesdays at Rex Avenue to conquer the hills (8:30 am) and at Balance to head outside for the trails on Fridays (9 am).  Join us to feed your soul.  

Kaitlyn Renzi