Grand Ambition

grand ambition.jpg

The training leading up to our 20 mile Grand Canyon hike was tough, but it prepared us for one of the most spectacular challenges one could ever imagine!  After a long day travel, we arrived at our destination— The Grand Canyon!  We began the hike at the South Kaibab trailhead bright and early (7:30am) – at 7,200 feet above sea level. We oohed and ahhed on the trail down as well traveled quickly to the Colorado River & then to Phantom Ranch!  After soaking up the views (and eating the last of our PB &J’s) we trekked back up  The Bright Angel Trail at a 10% grade to finish the entire hike by 4:10pm!

Of course, park officials have good reasons to advise people against hiking from the South Rim to the Colorado River and returning in a day —it is a grueling jaunt. And its taxing character isn’t really revealed until you reach the river: After the pounding downhill, then you have to turn around and hike back up a vertical mile.

Even as we gazed to the top of the mountain from the river, all 6 of us were excited to execute this challenging endeavor.  Despite the soreness in our quads, we couldn’t help but strain our necks at the surroundings. Traveling through the canyon is like watching a never ending slide show in which a different image pops up with each step.

We had GRAND ambition to complete this amazing hike in one day & we did it together as a team! It was exhilarating and each of felt accomplished and thankful for each other, our strength, and the beautiful surroundings!

With that we headed straight to Sedona to celebrate our accomplishment and revel in more nature and beauty!  The Enchantment was truly HEAVEN & we were all able to show gratitude toward our hard working bodies!  Much love for this group of BALANCE BABES!

Elizabeth HarrisComment