Experiencing the Adventure

It is better to travel well than to arrive.
— Buddha

There’s something wonderful about having the experience of arriving somewhere understanding exactly what it took to get there; understanding the destination (without ever having stepped foot there), the people (you travel with and meet along the journey), the culture, and the weather in a way you can’t explain.

There’s also something about exploring beautiful corners of this country with carefree and curious minds. 

Inspired Adventures has added a new level of energy and excitement into my life, something I didn't anticipate. Each adventure is a learning experience, for not only me, but for my children, who are admiring the energy and excitement up close. The goal setting, the hard work, and the adventure-seeking do not go unnoticed. Planning and training for the adventure has become an experience in itself with fun team fitness preparing you physically for the challenge, but I also now anticipate that things may not happen as planned and the unexpected never fails to come knocking on our door. Anything can happen and probably will. I have learned to save myself some stress and to not expect everything to happen exactly as planned. Let the experiences come in. 

As we have traveled, we have collected people from the most beautiful areas of the world...people we never knew existed. Engaging and becoming open to new experiences is the most beautiful and healthy part of these adventures. I have learned so much through the wellness, culture, and connections on these trips--but on this past trip to Texas I learned the most valuable lesson to date: to be exactly where I want to be. It took a while, but WOW was that an amazing feeling.

Next on the agenda is Switzerland. I am excited to see where this adventure takes us and am sure it'll be much further than the Eiger Trail! I encourage YOU to cultivate this curiosity for adventure, wellness and culture. I encourage YOU to learn to accept where you are rather than try to be wanting for something else. I love goals. Goals are great, but presence is just as important.

Credit to: Alyson Mandel

Kathy Luong