New Beginnings & Wider Communities

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I am a believer that each time I meditate I have the chance to push the restart button - therefore I am a huge fan of new beginnings.  Every time we start a new training program for a trip and a different challenge, or begin a new goals program, it is the start down a new path and this keeps us fresh and forever learning.  In April, B Inspired embarked on a new and powerful journey with Steppingstone Scholars in Philadelphia.  It marked a new beginning and has created so many incredible opportunities for us to work with school children in communities in underserved areas of Philadelphia.  

B Inspired was created to be an “impact” and “for purpose” business and to serve in the Philadelphia communities in meaningful ways.  We have found our calling and we will be working with school children in year-long programs in partnership with Steppingstone Scholars.  Many of you have joined us to volunteer in the classroom and provide healthy snacks and we are enormously grateful for you help! Steppingstones has asked to expand our partnership in the summer and fall and we will be working in more schools with more children and will have the chance to teach the principles of wellness that we all love and live everyday.

Our community is growing, and with that, Amy and I wanted to make sure that you have choices in how to engage in B Inspired so that your involvement is in line with your available time and needs.  We will now offer the B Inspired community an opportunity to forgo the yearly or monthly membership and to simply pay per event (which will model the Tom’s Shoes “buy one, give one away” philosophy so that each event will buy a school student an opportunity).  The membership will remain in tact and with the membership the access to the co-work space, 4 balance classes per month, unlimited meditation and monthly cultural events – and now many, many, many volunteer opportunities!  If you are unable to take advantage of the B Inspired offerings on a regular basis, you may want to move to a “pay per event” model, which would include paying for meditation, cultural events and workshop offerings.  

We value your loyalty and we are excited about our new beginning and our wider community, which now includes school children in North and West Philadelphia!

Liz Harris & Amy Carolla

Kaitlyn Renzi