Spring Cleaning

Image Credit: Organic Lifestyle Magazine

Image Credit: Organic Lifestyle Magazine

Spring is not only good for running in the Wissahickon with your B Inspired sisters, or going for a bike ride along Kelly drive - it is also an amazing time of year to pull out your journal and do some spring cleaning for the soul.  I have been journaling with spring cleaning in mind for the past two weeks and I have made some incredible discoveries which have helped me create intentions for the coming months.  Below are the journal prompts for spring cleaning: 

1.    Begin by writing about your winter and some of the challenges you encountered in the winter months .  Are you still holding onto these emotions?  Are you holding onto any grudges or experiencing the same roadblocks. 

2.    Write about letting go.  Allow yourself to explore how it would feel to let go of the past and leave old feelings and issues behind.

3.    Now begin writing about now.  Spring is about new beginnings.  What are you excited about?  Is there anything new you want to learn or experience?  What do you want to bring into your life.

4.    Create a visual diagram of your home and life and write words that describe what you want to let into your home (i.e. positivity, love, friendship, understanding) and then draw a trash can of the emotions you choose to discard.  

 On Thursday at 6:30 pm we will be hosting a viewing party and meeting in the B Inspired space to gather, share ideas, view short inspirational films and talk about the upcoming events.  We will also make time for a short spring cleaning meditation so please join us! 

We could all use time to clear the winter cobwebs and share hope for a positive and fruitful spring and summer!

Kaitlyn Renzi