Switzerland Training + Birthday Celebrations

So this is what happens on your birthday when you are training for a B Inspired B Adventurous trip at Balance.  You show up for the training and jump on the skill mill to warm up (more on the skill mill later) and when it is time for your group to appear for training you are diverted to the door to embark on a mystery run throughout Chestnut Hill with friends appearing on every block with balloons spelling INSPIRE.

“Inspire” is a word to describe how I feel when I train with the B Adventurous groups at Balance.  My first trip to Utah was an adventure of a lifetime.  Training in the Wissahickon trails at all hours of the morning and night to prepare for a 24-hour relay run in Zion National Park was exhilarating to say the least, but the camaraderie and friendships born out of the training experience were even more rewarding.

The smaller group training, Spartans race and trip to Palm Beach were nothing short of fabulous.  Our training consisted of running trails, climbing ropes, moving heavy objects from one place to another, lifting weights and practicing on the monkey bars.  The trip was like going on the most hilarious sober bachelorette party imaginable.  We rode bikes with baskets, visited Amy in the ER after an allergic reaction to buckwheat (yes, buckwheat), ran alongside the ocean, meditated by the pool at the colony, spent hours talking over breakfast, lunch and dinner and laughed and laughed and laughed for four days.

Our training is intense and incredibly fulfilling.

I’m training for my third trip and this one will be a biking challenge from Switzerland into Germany and then back to Switzerland.  We are a group of 15 with an age range of 25-71 (my mother is the 71 year old and she is every bit as fierce as the rest of the group!).  Our training is intense and incredibly fulfilling.  Let’s just say that Amy’s additional skill mill training from her winter weekend at Technogym in NYC is being put to use!  We are building our strength and endurance in the gym, cycling outdoors and integrating meditation at least once a week.  The group dynamics are amazing and I’m spending time with women I would not ordinarily see on a daily basis and I love every minute of it!

Training for a B Adventurous trip has been like a birthday celebration every week.  There is always a surprise and you are surrounded by team and friends every step of the way.

Elizabeth HarrisComment