Vacay Apps To Keep You Balanced

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Who is leaving this freezing cold weather for a nice, warm vacation!? For our members who like to travel in the winter, our trainers prepare home workouts, make them pack their pedometer, and encourage healthy eating! Although, many keep active, most return needing a jumpstart! But now it is easier than ever to stay fit while you’re away! There are numerous apps, mostly free, that smartphone users can download in no time!

Balance Faves:

Nike Training Club.  (free) Offers full body workouts, based on your current fitness level and goals!  It is stocked with over 100 workouts prepared that all have demos and audio to coach you through!

Couch to 5K:  ($1.99) No fretting over how to get started with a running plan!  This program guarantees that beginner runners will be ready in 9 weeks!  You have your choice of a coach, who will guide you through runs, which you can track and share!

GAIN Fitness Cross Trainer (Free).  From yoga to basketball, this app is filled with workouts developed by celebrity trainers!  Once you set your goals it is easy to find a customizable  routine that fits your needs.

Moves. (Free) Pedometer that will track your every move.  No fitness equipment needed…get to steppin!

Fitness Builder.  (Free for 1st month)  Lets just say there are over 800 workouts programmed, 5,000 exercises and access to a live personal trainer!  Track your progress- from strength and cardio to BMI and BMR.

Fig. (Free) This app ia all about BALANCE.  Set goals, like drinking more water or maybe running a marathon!  Whatever health and wellness goals you develop, this app will hold you accountable and feeling accomplished.

Gym Pact. (free)  Love love love setting goals.  Try skipping out on a workout when cash is on line!  This app allows users to ante up and add a monetary incentive to their workouts!  Gym Pact partners with RunKeeper (another great app) and offers at home workouts for more fitness options!

Fooducate.  (Free)  Learn how to dissect food labels with this helpful app.  Scan items right in the store to find out more details…good and bad!  It will grade each item based on its “healthiness” and offer healthier alternatives for food that ranks low!

Eat Local.  (Free) Find the nearest farmers market, learn what is in season, and try fresh new recipes! For our clients traveling this is a perfect app to find the nearest market!

Thryve. (free) For foodies who don’t want to count the calories, but truly care about the quality of their intake!  This app puts a fun twist on tracking food and how to properly fuel!

Shopwell.  (Free)  Share your grocery list with Shopwell and they will rank each item from 1-100 based on how healthy it is.  This app helps build a better diet by shopping for better food.

Foodily.  (Free)  Collect and share recipes with friends, since food is always better with friends.

Charity Miles. (free) Track every step you take–whether you are running, walking, or biking, this app will donate to a charity for every mile of progress.  Thanks to corporate sponsors, users never open their wallet, but feel amazing after each workout! Just choose a charity they feature and get moving!

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