The conversation began on a run. It's now my favorite trail in the Wissahickon.  Amy and I met at the trailhead in early October, 2016. It was my first venture off of the main Forbidden Drive path and into the beautiful trails. I was in a workout funk. My Dad had died, I had my fourth child, and then a hip replacement, and I mostly ran alone on a treadmill at home. Amy knew how much I loved to be fit - we had been training together at Balance for over 9 years- and knew she needed to jumpstart me out of my funk.  In true Amy fashion, she was on it.  She was totally prepared to lure me out of my cave.

Somehow... after just one first trail run... we were signing up to race in Zion National Park, Utah. Why start small? It was a Ragnar relay and we were attempting to  assemble not only one team but two (16 women).  The idea of creating a larger group (two groups running as one team) really appealed to me.  Not only because I'd have a partner on the trail (which I was especially grateful for when I was running an incredibly challenging trail at 3 am in the middle of the Utah dessert) but more importantly, I am energized by the spirit of a "team."  I had forever had "team" in decades of playing and coaching sports.  My A-ha moment?  I was desperately missing that crucial part of my life.

Our first Wednesday evening group training run in the trails -  headlamps bobbling atop our heads - marked the end of my funk and the beginning of a new adventure of finding team again. On our training runs we talked a lot.  We explored critical topics such as micro-needling facials, essential gear for “glamping,” and the best headlamps at REI. We also talked about family, travel, challenges, health, and everything else you can imagine.

By month three of Ragnar training, Amy and I were in conversations about how we could continue creating "team" for women in our area, who were mostly driving children to team sports and juggling work demands, and other family commitments.  We wanted to build a team for those who care deeply about wellness, community, balance and giving back to the greater Philadelphia community.

We wanted to build a team for those who care deeply about wellness, community, balance and giving back to the greater Philadelphia community.

B Inspired was born. It emerged easily and authentically out of a desire to bring women together to experience unique wellness opportunities to enhance pathways to fulfillment and joy. We train, meditate, attend the ballet, tour the Barnes, travel, listen to compelling speakers, take part in workshops....all together and all proceeds outside of  expenses go to local non-profits in Philadelphia. 

We are a wellness team of women. We support one another. We share specific goals. We laugh, learn and challenge ourselves to break out of our comfort zones.

One of the best outcomes of finding my team again has been the ripple effect it has had on my family. Henry and my kids and my mother have told me repeatedly that my meditation practice and B Inspired has made me a more patient, thoughtful, and energized wife, mother and daughter.

It’s actually quite true...being part of a team makes everything better.  So if you find yourself in a workout funk or in need of team, give us a call and we will meet you at a class at Balance or out on the trail!

Elizabeth HarrisComment