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Our Manifesto


We are a wellness team of women. We support one another. We share specific goals. We strive to make a difference and an impact. We laugh, learn, and challenge each other to break out of our comfort zones.

We are the community and co-working space you’ve been looking for.

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Founded in 2017 by Liz Harris and Amy Carolla, B Inspired is a for-purpose collaborative community that uses exercise, wellness and meditation to enhance the success and productivity of its members while serving the underserved school population in Philadelphia with wellness offerings and classes. B Inspired was built on the belief that with positive and grounded energy, and a willingness to give back to community, all things are possible.  Our model focuses on the power of meditation, the importance of collaboration and the regenerative qualities in keeping your mind sharp and your body moving.

Our goal is to provide a supportive and collaborative space for women to gather, share ideas and their love of and belief in being balanced, healthy and forward-looking in the growth of their business, cultural and philanthropic interests. In addition to providing this space for women in our community, we strive to create wellness opportunities for Philadelphia school children in at-risk neighborhoods so that they may thrive with the same healthy lifestyle tools.

Liz Harris & Amy Carolla, Co-Founders of B Inspired

Liz Harris & Amy Carolla, Co-Founders of B Inspired

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Our Recent Adventure to Switzerland

Kind Words

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